What To Look For When Buying An Excavator 20/11/2008
An excavator is one of the most important components of a construction site and one of the most essential pieces of heavy equipment. Before buying one, sit down with a pen and paper and make a quick list of all your requirements.
What type of equipment do you need?
< This may sound obvious, but you need to start somewhere. Narrow it down to the jobs you need it to do. Consider if it needs pushing power, will it need to work in tight spaces? Attachments are also important to think abou...

Hitachi Wins If Award 15/03/2008
At the internationally recognized IF Design awards in Hanover this year, some the biggest players in the construction industry showcased their biggest developments. They were awarded prizes in over 35 different companies for product innovation and technology design. One of the many international manufacturers awarded for quality construction equipment and innovative range of products was Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. With 11 awards handed out in the product design award for the trans...

Komatsu Introduces Pc138uslc-8 Excavator 13/03/2008
Komatsu were busy this year at the ConExpo 2008 show in Las Vegas in March. As well as unveiling the new PC270LC-8 hydraulic excavator, they also introduced the PC138USLC-8 short tail swing excavator. Komatsu have released an excavator that is a powerful, technology and comfort driven machine with long-term reliability. The excavator has a net horsepower of 92 hp and an operating weight of 31,107 to 23,568 pounds. The engine improves on the PC138USLC-2 with increased power and lower emissions...

Caterpillar Introduces The 315 D L Excavator 12/03/2008
Caterpillar has introduced the latest in its line of hydraulic excavators, the 315D L Excavator. This new excavator boasts high performance, easy to operate, and delivers 5 percent more horsepower and 8 percent more lift capacity features than the 315C L which it is replacing. The new 115 horsepower engine meets the US EPA Tier 3 emissions and comes with hydraulic pressures that boost perfomance and efficiency. The Catperillar excavator 315D L works very well as a versatile machine that can do m...

Komatsu Conexpo 2008 11/03/2008
At this years ConExpo 2008, Komatsu America Corp unveiled its latest addition to the excavator family. The PC270LC-8 hydraulic excavator comes with improved efficiency, operator comfort and fuel economy. The technology upgrades bring an ever more improved cab with operator comfort, low emission engine and improved fuel consumption. The Komatsu hydraulic excavator is used for general contracting and underground utilities installation. The PC270LC-8 has a powerful net horsepower of 187 hp and an ...

Caterpillar Expands D Series Excavators 08/03/2008
The Caterpillar excavator range has been expanded with the latest addition of the three D Series mini hydraulic excavators that will join the highly respected Caterpillar excavator family. The 308D CR is a compact radius mini excavator that works in tight spaces and keeps productivity high with its compact radius design swing boom. The Cat 308 CR SB replaces the Cat 308 CR with an extra compact swing boom for even more versatility. The Cat mini excavators in the D-Series feature many of the be...

Hybrid Excavators Emerging On To The Market 07/03/2008
Since last year several different excavator manufacturers have introduced various versions of hybrid excavators. Komatsu launched their hybrid hydraulic excavator in Japan and overseas last November which went on the market for a cool $99,000, roughly 20% higher than the current model in that category. The midsize excavator has an electric motor and diesel engine and uses 30% less diesel than the current model. Komatsu the worlds second largest maker of construction machinery had planned to s...

How To Inspect The Exterior Of A Used Excavator 05/03/2008
Exterior cab, boom, bucket- The inside of a cab can tell you volumes about the condition of the excavator. A well looked after cab means that the vehicle has generally been kept in good condition. Do look for welding patches but minor wear and tear comes with a used vehicle. The bucket can also tell you valuable information. If the underside of the bucket is damaged it means it was used to drive pilings, or hammer rocks which is over extending the use of an excavator and can mean hidden proble...

How To Inspect The Interior And Operation Of A Used Excavator 05/03/2008
Excavators are a huge investment for any company and its easy to see why a used excavator can be an attractive option. So if you have already weighed up the option of buying an excavator for less than 25% to 50% than the retail price against repairs, life span etc. Then here is a brief list of exterior parts to inspect and details to consider for used excavators.

The most important things to inspect on a used excavator are the performance and operation of the vehicle.
Test Drive-T...

Hitachi Excavators Displayed At Samoter Exhibition 02/03/2008
It has been 3 years since the last one so there will be much anticipation to see what the giants of the construction industry have in store for us this year. It is the Samoter exhibition held in Verona, Italy from March 9 to 27th that brings together the European construction industry once every 3 years for the exhibit. Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) will be joining around 1,000 other exhibitors in displaying new developments, and new additions to their product ranges. The Verona Exhi...

Construction And Excavator Industry Readies For Conexpo March 2008 13/02/2008
If your in the Western hemisphere and you happen to work in construction then you will most likely already be in Las Vegas at the biggest construction expo this side of the world. Starting March 11th the expo plans to unveil and showcase some of the monsters of construction with an exhibit space of over 2 million square feet. The space which plans to exhibit industry favourites like excavators, cranes and diggers will feature some of the best in this equipment extravaganza.

Director of...

Finding The Right Excavator For The Right Job 13/02/2008
For construction site managers utilizing the right equipment for the right job is tricky business. Using equipment that is either overextended or underused can result in loss of productivity, and added costs. That's why it's important to find the appropriate excavator. The under-utilization or over extending an excavator can also be unsafe practice as well as a loss of time and money.

In order to calculate the right machine there is a simple equation which can be a very useful starting...

A Beginner’s Guide To Excavators 03/02/2008
On construction sites around the world the most common and most useful piece of equipment is the excavator. The reason being is that an excavator can also do jobs like breaking, crushing to screening and compaction. This is due to the invention of the quick hitch which converts it from a digging machine into a tool carrier with various attachments to carry out the other jobs.

There are a few different excavators on the market, the biggest ones out there are known as mining shovels w...

Excavator Underground Cable Avoidance Tool The First Of Its Kind 09/01/2008
The new excavator mounted cable avoidance tool, EZiDIG is the first one in the world and looks to be a hit. Detecting buried services in real time and warning the operator instantly will mean a reduction in cut cables and less risk to operators. As well as helping to eliminate project downtown from damage to excavators and buried services. The EZiDIG attachment is aimed at construction and utility contractors and will be an ineffective tool that could change the way construction companies use ...

Excavator Quick Hitches Proving Fatal Warns Hse 09/01/2008
The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a safety alert after four excavator fatalities occurred in 2007. The alert is for quick hitches that are fitted to excavators. The accidents were caused by the retaining pin or bar being missing in the semi-automatic quick hitches as well as manual and automatic. The HSE issued some safety checks to make and to go over.

-Has the excavator operator been trained on the use of the specific quick hitch, being used?
-Is the machine usin...

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