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New Champion C-series Tightest Turner 05/02/2008

Champion Motor Graders have introduced new engineering designs for the Champion C Series single axle models. The latest innovations mean the C Series graders have the tightest turning radius in the industry. This makes the graders the most efficient workers in very close precision quarters. The new C60 C and C66 C Graders follow on from the Champion C80 C and C86 C models and are now designed with a re-engineered front axle that gives the highest ground clearance and the tightest turning radius of any grader in their class. The C Series also features a new moldboard and blade lift arrangement as well as a stronger mount for the Champion articulations cylinder. The C Series now has 6 inches higher of ground clearance with the C Series front axle toping 22 inches.

The new compact grader design means they can clear the same obstacles that big graders are built to clear. The axle, a box-type design is positioned higher up to hide the steering cylinder, tie rod and other moving parts behind the axle which provides additional protection for the critical parts. The Champion motor grader C Series has a front axle turning radius of 50 degrees of steering angle left and right which is an added 15 degrees more than previous models. The grader has a fully articulated frame and the single axle means the grader can turn 360 degrees within a 17 ft. 6 in. circle. The tight turns and challenging terrain can add stress to pivotal points in the machines, so the new Champion motor graders have been engineered with clevis-style mounting instead of replaceable ball joints and the articulation cylinders were mounted on spherical bearings for increased service life. The new C Series Champion grader have also got a 35 percent increased blade lift stance, from 14 inches to a full 4 feet across, providing the operator with a better control and a wider stance blade lift.

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