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Champion Grader Design For Mines 25/01/2008

Champion Motor Graders have assigned an underground mine specialist to work as its sales and service agent for mine sites throughout Canada. Champion motor graders fill a special niche in the underground market for haul road maintenance in deep mines. Miller Technology in North Bay, Ontario will be representing Champion equipment for mining applications in cooperation Champions regional Canadian dealers. Miller Technology has earned a reputation as an innovative designer and manufacturer of personnel and utility vehicles for underground mining. The Champion C86C Compact Grader is Champions first underground grader, which maintains haul roads for a gold and copper mine in Red Lake, Ontario. The Champion motor grader works on improving the haul roads that run between the rock face and the crusher where the ore is reduced for transport to the surface. A motor grader helps on wet, rough road conditions which exact a cost on the mine as a result of ore spillage and the helps to keep the cost of wear and tear on haul trucks to a minimum.

Previously before Champion Compact Graders were used, full-sized graders became too costly for mines after all the preparation work was completed to bring the machine down to the actual work area. Cab heights were an issue and needed to be cut down while the frame, drivetrain and front end components have to be disassembled to fit down the shaft. Once it has gotten down to the assigned working level, the machine has to be rebuilt, the whole operation can cost mine operators as much as $100,000 in extra costs not including the cost of the actual grader. The C86 Champion Grader was modified to come with no roof, its tires and modular circle-turn assembly were removed which allows the machine to fit the mines elevator without any disassembly. The grader was also fitted with foam filled tires and a specialized muffler for underground work.

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