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Tadano Crane 20/03/2008

Tadano cranes reported high growth in their year-on-year records in the first half of 2007/2008 but also showed a slightly lower growth rate than in 2006/07. Profit in sales showed an increase of 19.3% to JPY 81,807 million compared to JPY 68,544 million in September 2006 when the growth rate was 22.6% in comparison. Tadano crane company released a statement with their report for the April to September 2007 interim figures. Tadano said, despite some areas of concern, the Japenese economy remaines on a path of recovery on the back of improved production and exports, solid capital investment and favourable corporate performance, although personal consumption appeared to be at a standstill. Overseas, while there were concerns that the sub prime problem might slow down the US economy, steady economic growth was maintained in Europe.

The strongest growth was seen in the truck loader segment which was attributed to the new emissions regulations that required a wave of replacement vehicles. This wave also incurred a drop in the Tadano crane truck loader division with sales down by 86.2% to JPY 7,725 million. The report also concluded that the company was experiencing an increase in export sales while domestic sales were also up 12.3% to JPY 44,936 million. The overseas segment saw an increase of 29.2% to JPY 36,870 million. The company also noted the construction crane business was very important, Tadano said, domestic sales of cranes are expected to continue rising due to the strength of ongoing replacement demand, while overseas cranes are also expected to remain strong. In the last few months Tadano cranes have also announced plans to open facilities dedicated to construction crane, loader crane and AWP production.

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