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Potain Cranes 20/03/2008

Potain Cranes have been world leaders in the construction industry for over forty years. Their many innovations have led to their presence on all major work sites. The history of crane technology can be traced back to 1928 when Potain cranes first began with Faustin Potain who founded the Potain Company after submitting patents for road works and building constructions. Faustin Potain is the inventor of scaffold ties which he patented as Indestructable Ties which was a major success on the construction market. In 1930 to 1935 the first Potain crane appeared on the market, the first crane on the market was a jib tower. In 1950 Potain launched the first saddle jib crane known as the Record 5 crane. This crane was powered by a thermal motor and controlled by levers and was quickly followed by the R6 crane which was the model that made Potain cranes into the world renowned crane manufacturer it is known as today.

In 1957-1958 the biggest break through in crane innovation came with cable telescoping on the tower cranes slewing from the top. This marked a real turning point for crane equipment. Streak into the nineties and Potain cranes launched the HD range (Rapid self erecting Hydraulic Distributing Crane) and the development of winches and variable frequency (FV). In 1999 Potain is starting to be seen on some of the worlds most prestigious construction sites like the 3-Gorges-dam in China and the Rion Antirion bridge in Greece. The year 2000 sees the launch of the newest series of sectional tower cranes, called the Geo range with the MD 238. In 2001 Potain cranes manufacturing was taken over by the worldwide Manitowoc Crane Group dealer network which continues to flourish today.

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