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What To Inspect On A Used Road Grader 13/03/2008

The new Caterpillar motor grader M-series has been an especially welcome development in the grader industry. Known for being the most complex machines to operate in the construction business the new series is a major advancement. Instead of operating with 15 different levers and a steering wheel, the new grader offers complete control with two specialty joysticks. For some operators the joystick operating system may present a daunting prospect to learn. Meaning used road graders may be in higher demand. So if you are in the market for a used grader here is a quick checklist.

Kick the tires is an expression which means literally go and look at the vehicle and kick the tires. Check the frame work for damage and wear and tear, rust, dents, welds and repainting. Look at the frame from the back and check its standing up straight and not leaning to one side.

Check the chassis which could be hiding some big problems. The circle teeth should be examined. Move the circle in its full range of motions. Look for cracks, welds or plates on the circle or A-frame. Both front wheels should spin and move left and right freely, as should the axis. Look for leaks around hydraulic cylinders and damage to the rods and pins.

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