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Home-made Road Grader A Patent Success 04/03/2008

A home made design hit upon by two brothers in Hill County Montana has proven to be a huge success among contractors. Orders have been coming in so thick and fast, that Allan and Jerry Otto have barely been able to keep up with production. The patented road grader design works well packing down snow and in winter conditions and packing gravel and dirt onto roads. Called the Walk ‘n’ Roll packer/roller the idea was born 10 yrs ago when Otto worked at Al’s Metal Work Inc. The design differs from other graders and packers with separate wheel operation. This means if the wheel goes flat all the other five or six wheels do not need to be removed to get to the one flat tire. It also makes a difference when the machine rolls over a rock or a lump of dirt just one tire bumps up, the others stay in place, packing dir or gravel onto the roads.

Now the demand for the the packer/grader has spread to Alaska, Kansas and New Zealand, with an exhibit at the ConExpo in Las Vegas in January. The business has bloomed so much that 350 packer/graders have been manufactured with 50 backordered.

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