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Causes Of Loping Effect On Road Graders 13/03/2008

Lope or bounce is a common symptom on most motor grader operators. The bounce or lope develops at resonant speeds that relate to the natural frequency of the vehicle, tire or wheel unit. Factors influencing lope are grader attachments and configurations that affect the nature and frequency of the bounce. There are a few other factors to check:

Weight distribution of the motor grader

Inflation pressure and tire size

Road and/or operating conditions

Out of round rims and/or tires

These factors often combine or act alone to change the natural frequency meaning lopes intensity and occurrence is often at random speeds. There is a checklist for problem solving lope in motor graders.

1. Check the roundness of the tire/rim assembly

2. Configure the machine to design weight distribution, for example OE motor grader tend to be 33percent front and 67percent rear.

3. Correct inflation pressure settings

If nothing else use larger tires, which means less air pressure needed to do the work which helps the ride as well as traction and stability. Radial tires also help cut resistance and suffer less from flat spots than bias ply tires.

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