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Excavator Underground Cable Avoidance Tool The First Of Its Kind 09/01/2008

The new excavator mounted cable avoidance tool, EZiDIG is the first one in the world and looks to be a hit. Detecting buried services in real time and warning the operator instantly will mean a reduction in cut cables and less risk to operators. As well as helping to eliminate project downtown from damage to excavators and buried services. The EZiDIG attachment is aimed at construction and utility contractors and will be an ineffective tool that could change the way construction companies use excavators for there work. The sensor unit sits on top of the excavator dipper arm and detects electromagnetic signals from metallic surfaces underground which it then communicates to the operator in real time. This allows the operator to avoid cables which otherwise can be a costly and time wasting ordeal. The sensor is connected to the power supply and its high strength magnetic readings are displayed on a screen in the operators cab.

EZiDIG offers a real advantage in time saving projects and operator safety. Normally scanners are run over ground before digging starts and at various intervals during the work. The EZiDIG not only scans the ground continuously it also takes away operator or human error and allows the driver to be fully focused on the work at hand. Cable detection is always a big issue for contractors, and even more so now with the ground being used to maximum capacity and becoming overcrowded.

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