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A Beginner’s Guide To Excavators 03/02/2008

On construction sites around the world the most common and most useful piece of equipment is the excavator. The reason being is that an excavator can also do jobs like breaking, crushing to screening and compaction. This is due to the invention of the quick hitch which converts it from a digging machine into a tool carrier with various attachments to carry out the other jobs.

There are a few different excavators on the market, the biggest ones out there are known as mining shovels which can top 700t. Moving down from there, you have the regular excavators and tracked excavators which have about 6ft of operating weight depending on the manufacturer’s classification. There are also mini excavators that fill the 1t to 5t range and are rapidly becoming more popular for their size. No to be out done, the micro excavators fill the sub 1t category.

Wheeled excavators can handle up to 22 t and are appreciated in Europe for their ability to be driven to a construction site, dig the ground, and go back to the depot. Elsewhere in the world they are mostly kept on site. The top manufacturers of excavators are Komatsu, which is the world’s largest producer, followed by Hitachi and then Caterpillar.

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